Updated Drawings for McArthur Center Renovations

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Pleased to share the latest drawings for the McArthur Center renovation. It’s going to be so nice! Residents and staff are looking forward to improved gym, some exciting new equipment, prettier restrooms, food service and an ARNP on campus. We can try out some new programs and services before we build our large new wellness / community center a few years down the road.

McArthur Center

ARNP Clinic

Honored Staff – 32, 31 and 28 Years of Memories at “The Homes”

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We continue the 60th anniversary celebration and appreciation by asking for memories from some of our dedicated long time employees. These three have served many residents through the years.







This month we spoke with:

• Linda Bryant – Accounting Supervisor who has been employed at FPH for 32 years.

• Diana McCourty – Head of Housekeeping who has been employed at FPH 31 years.

• Avis Powell – Nursing CNA who has been employed at FPH 28 years.

We ask them to remember their first day, a significant activity or day, or another memory. This is what they shared:

The History of Our Homes: Glenn W. Moore Center

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ChapelAs Florida Presbyterian Homes continued to grow, there was a definite need for a larger place for Christian Seniors to worship together. The residents had been using the Sun Room in Monte Johnson Manor for Sunday morning worship services and the Forrer-Bunker dining room for Sunday evening Vespers.

The view of Florida Presbyterian Homes from across Lake Hunter is dominated by its central building, the Glenn W. Moore Chapel and Center. It is fitting that this should be the visible symbol of a community founded and developed to keep the spirit of Jesus Christ at the center of its life. The seal of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is prominently displayed on the façade of the building. Florida Presbyterian Homes is related to the denomination through the Synod of South Atlantic.

The History of Our Homes: Irwin W. McArthur Center

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McArthur CenterAfter the Munn House was demolished in 1986, Florida Presbyterian Homes saw the need for a central meeting place to accommodate various activities. So in 1987 a house at 811 Lakeside Avenue was remodeled and named the Irwin W. McArthur Center, honoring Rev. Irwin W. McArthur, the second Executive Director of Florida Presbyterian Homes.

The entrance room became a visiting area and had a grand piano, comfortable inviting chairs and sofa. Another room became the Art Room. A huge central area was built for multi-purposes; some programs, like the Lake Hunter Fellowship, needed lots of space. Years later, that large room was divided; the back part became the exercise room with plenty of equipment to keep seniors in good shape physically. The other half of the room has been used for smaller meetings, parties, square dancing, woodcarving class, exercise classes, and other activities. A large kitchen was made available for meal preparations.

Resident Association President’s Message – July 2015

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This is a continuing report on the Loving Care Fund and Loving Care Endowment Fund from the June Lake Hunter Herald. The source of the following information is from the Loving Care Fund Report by John Hehn, Executive Director and Patty Fekete, Chief Finance Officer, June 2008, Updated-August 30, 2011:

“The first mention of the Loving Care Fund (LCF) is contained in the Executive Committee Minutes of February 17, 1975 which reported that:

The History of Our Homes: Nora Rife Building

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Nora Rife bldg 2014In the 1970s, one of the most urgent needs of Florida Presbyterian Homes was a dining room and kitchen large enough to serve the growing number of residents. The Forrer-Bunker dining room and kitchen, built in 1965, was delivering meals by pushcart to residents at a distance. A new building with a large dining room and kitchen was planned.

The Nora Rife Building faces the waterfront of Lake Hunter at Cresap Street. Its construction necessitated the demolition of the original Watson House in 1979. The building was designed to provide access to both Howland-Delay and Monte Johnson Manor.

Resident Association President’s Message – June 2015

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During our Council Meeting on May 13, 2015, there was much interest expressed by many residents about the management of the Loving Care Funds. I have selected an applicable section of the President’s Report written by Past President Ted Nelson for the December 2011 edition of the Lake Hunter Herald. The dollar figures may have changed over the past 4 years, but the process remains the same:

People We Serve: Grace Blair Brake

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GraceBrake100PartyGrace Blair Brake celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this year and has many happy memories of a life well spent to share! On the wall over her bed is a chart from Church World Service displaying the $2 million the six CROP Walks Grace started have raised over the years to fight hunger. The first walk Grace organized was in Bear Lake, Michigan. “I felt led to do it,” she explained. “I’ve always been interested in helping people with hunger – wells for clean water, food boxes.”

The History of Our Homes: Forrer-Bunker Manor

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Arruza_111031_0989When Forrer-Bunker Manor was constructed, it had 39 apartments, a dining room, kitchen, library, lounge, solarium, and offices. It was dedicated on February 21, 1965, ten years after Florida Presbyterian Homes was established. It became the center of activities for all residents on the Florida Presbyterian Homes campus.

Dr. Samuel H. Forrer’s ancestors came from Switzerland in 1754 and prospered in the new world, establishing a large plantation in Luray, Virginia. Samuel Forrer, offspring of this wealthy family, became a Presbyterian minister. He served in Detroit for many years.

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