The Nitty Gritty of Community Center Design

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June 9, 2014: Getting into the small spaces – questions beget more questions…

June9MtgA group of about 20 residents and staff members met today to review the most recent design plan. After reviewing current vs. slated space and storage needs for pottery, art/painting, sewing and woodcarving, the big question became, is that what we need to maintain? Which ones would grow if they were given more space? If woodcarvers only meet once a week, how can the space be utilized on the other days? Currently, the woodcarvers meet in the multipurpose room inside the McArthur Center. In the new community center design, the multipurpose room will be on the south side of the building, designed as more of a lecture hall. All the crafts groups are designated to meet in the row of studio classrooms on the north side of the building.

Focus Turns to Bungalow Court

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P:40062a4006200_Arch_Central_2014_coxa.pdfApril 22, 2014: The Gresham team returned with beautiful revised concepts for the community center and Bungalow Court residential area. We were fortunate to have LRMC’s Dr. Haight, Associate Vice President of Community Health join us. We love his excitement and valuable insights as we explore the future of healthy aging together as a greater community. Today’s group included our Board’s strategic planning committee, several staff members and a few residents.

Healthy Aging Spaces & Places — a “dream team” is assembled

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New Community Center Part 3

March 2013: The University of South Florida School of Aging was hired to conduct focus groups. Dr. Kathy Hyer and PhD candidate Christy Haley interviewed groups of residents, potential residents, employees and community leaders affiliated with aging services. These preliminary meetings were crucial to discovering what amenities would be needed in the new center and what concerns our residents had.

July 2013: The Strategic Planning Committee on the Proposed Town Center – A motion was made and passed for recommendation to the Board to continue planning a community center that considers alternative revenue streams and enhances the security, safety, and fulfillment of care, services, and supportive lifestyle of residents living at FPH. Read Executive Director John Hehn’s proposal.

The Future of Neighborhood Wellness – a living laboratory?

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New Community Center Part 2

2012 was a year of discovery and research, which revealed that the trend is to create venues where residents of a retirement community and residents of the greater community can come together to learn, socialize and improve health and wellness. They are:

  • Intergenerational
  • Places of learning
  • Places where community collaborations can occur

A Dream is Born — Join us on our journey to healthy aging

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Welcome to Florida Presbyterian Homes’ first blog! We are excited to provide our residents, staff, potential residents, friends and family with an easy way to keep up with progress on our beautiful campus. Like a journal or scrapbook, we will provide regular updates, pictures and maybe some juicy details!

As many of you know, we are in the process of planning a new community center. The first few blog posts will help bring you up to speed. It has been an exciting endeavor, and we hope you join us for the ride! Let’s bring you up to speed…

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