Weekly Cooking Demonstrations Offer Tasty Options for All

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Mark your calendar for Tuesdays at 2 pm for the “Dishes & Diets” cooking demonstration at Florida Presbyterian Homes. We’ve partnered with Elder Pointe Ministries to provide fresh produce on Mondays at an affordable cost. A cooking demonstration using select produce is then offered on Tuesdays in the Porter McGrath building.

Attendees at Dishes & Diets help prepare ingredients to be used in various quick and easy meals. All cooking demonstrations take place on an induction burner that is cool to the touch — making for a safer cooking environment. Recipes are made available following the demonstration for residents to take and try at home.

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“Everyone truly enjoys the sights, smells and flavor of a home-cooked meal prepared right before their eyes,” says Chef Etta Owens, Dean of Residents at Florida Presbyterian Homes. “There are plenty of smiles and empty plates to indicate our residents’ enjoyment of these cooking activities.”

Chef Etta is shown making chicken and rice using a one-pot recipe with the following ingredients: virgin olive oil, green peppers, shredded carrots, roasted red peppers, strawberry onions, scallions, yellow rice, diced chicken and chicken broth.

For more information on Dishes & Diets or to confirm the exact location of these cooking events, contact Chef Etta at 863-577-6027 or by email at eowens@fphi.org.

Rise & Shine Award Ceremony Celebrates Resident, Pat Swails

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Pat Swails Finalist 2017

Congratulations to resident, Pat Swails
2017 Health & Wellness Finalist
Salt & Pepper Outstanding Senior Awards
Sponsored by the Senior Connection Center

Pat was nominated by the Wellness Department for her dedication and hard work to the A Matter of Balance program! Please join us in congratulating Pat on her achievement!

The Salt & Pepper Awards is a recognition ceremony hosted by the Senior Connection Center as a way of recognizing the achievements and acts of service that are performed by older or disabled adults in the community. Every year, the Senior Connection Center states that they are amazed and inspired by the nominations received from across five counties and struggle to select only two finalists for the five categories: business & entrepreneurship, education & mentoring, health & wellness, arts & entertainment, and community service & philanthropy. This year’s finalists embody the theme of this years older Americans month – Age Out Loud!

Resident Association President’s Message – April 2016

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Roger Cripe

Roger Cripe

Several Florida Presbyterian residents attended the annual P.E.A.C.E. Nehemiah Action Assembly at Lakeland Center on March 7th. P.E.A.C.E. is an acronym for Polk Ecumenical Action Council for Empowerment. Over 2000 Polk County residents representing 19 congregations attended the assembly. The purpose of the organization is to identify root causes of community problems and build a strong coalition capable of negotiating with public officials to resolve these problems.

PEACE sets the agenda, reviews it with each invited official and establishes a strict timeline for the 80 minute meeting. Usually 3 governmental units are invited to attend and each is asked to provide funding and/or implement new procedures, If the answer is “yes” to the proposal, a resounding cheer is provided the official; if “no” total silence is the response. With 2000 people in attendance, the silence is deafening. It’s a very effective way to ask for changes to local government procedures and funding priorities. We are encouraged to be part of the audience at next year’s Nehemiah Action Assembly.

On March 16, the Marketing Department’s “Browse and Brunch” event was attended by approximately 70 visitors. Close to the same number of staff and residents welcomed the visitors. Five of our independent housing units and two apartments were open for the visitors to see. We owe a big thanks to those who opened their residence. Also our 6-plex activity areas were open to the visitors as well as a musical combo performing in the Library. A Continental Breakfast was provided to the visitors upon arrival and lunch served in the new Bistro located in the McArthur Center.

Our Activity Fund drive is now underway and approximately $5,500 of the $7,000 needed to fund all our activities has been collected. As was mentioned before, our Financial committee recommended a $35. ($70/couple) donation. If you have not given, please make your check out to the Residents Association and give to Ann in the ALF reception area.

- Roger Cripe, President

Honored Staff – 22 and 21 years of service

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IMG_1916-LHHIMG_1922-LHH IMG_1920-LHHThis October we continue our 60th anniversary celebration by asking for memories and comments from long time employees at Florida Presbyterian Homes. This month we have memories and comments shared by Mary Willis, who works as a CNA and also in housekeeping; Mary has been an FPH employee 22 years. With many staff members named Mary she is sometimes called Queen Mary! Long time employee Gigi Beaty works in laundry and housekeeping and has been here 21 years, and finally, super electrician Mike Harding is a 21 year FPH employee. Mike is a member of the maintenance crew.

These are the memories of their first day:

Mary – “I remember Oct. 25, 1992 when I started as a housekeeper and I got lost in this big place!” A smile comes to Mary’s face as she remembers residents Martha Hughes and Eleanor Faught. “They were sisters and made me feel at home as we talked about some old times for the three of us.”

Gigi- “My first day I remember how nice and welcoming Jan McCann (Human Resources) was to me. I couldn’t ask for a better way to begin. I started in housekeeping and soon met Mrs. Castor and Mrs. Rigsby, they both liked and appreciated me.”

Mike – “When I first came to FPH I thought ‘How will I learn my way around?’ For weeks, I would get turned around going in one building and out another! However, the first resident I came in contact with said “Welcome to the Homes. Glad you are here. You are now a member of another family, you have two families, don’t ever forget that!”

The History of the Homes – Porter-McGrath Health Center

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In the beginning, Florida Presbyterian Homes did not have full-time nursing care. One dedicated nurse, Frances Smith, after working day duty at Lakeland General Hospital, volunteered to keep vigil each night in the Howland-Delay House. Dr. George Earnest, a retired physician living at the Homes, offered his professional services and donated $10,000 toward extending the House, in order to have an infirmary on the second floor.

The Board of Directors presented to the Synod plans for an annex with health facilities. The Synod voted to request $80,000 from the statewide expansion campaign. The Johnsons wrote, “This Annex was a sort of hybrid between a hotel and an extended care facility…offering a splendid stopgap until further money became available.”

Resident Association President’s Message – October 2015

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Bob Bourquein

Bob Bourquein

With the arrival of October, the wandering residents of Florida Presbyterian Homes will have returned from their summer trips and cooler weather will prevail. As we enter the winter months, please think personal exercise and active social life.

According to Brigham Young University psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad, “highly social people have a 50% better chance of survival than loners over a period of several years”.

“While exercise is no panacea, it does confer plenty of benefits as we age. When Cardiff University epidemiologist Peter Elwood tracked the health outcomes of more than 1,600 people older than 45, he identified regular exercise as a key habit that reduced people’s risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease in old age.” (1)

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